Birding in exotic locations can be quite expensive, and the idea of managing a trip on our own can be quite daunting.
I want to provide helpful tips on how to bird different destinations on a budget. 

I’m sharing my stories of budget birding travel in a fun and engaging attempt to encourage others to travel and bird without spending a small fortune! I hope this blog is fun to read, insightful, and logistically helpful!  

UPDATE – March 2020:
We just returned from Guatemala! We spent 2 months birding and exploring this amazing country and I am excited to share our stories and travel tips with you!

Check out the Guatemala page for more!

Birding Breakdowns

In these Birding Breakdowns, I list how to get to birding spots, where you eat and stay, and how much it all costs in a condensed way to help you plan your next independent birding adventure!



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About me

I’m not buyin’ it.
I don’t want to live my whole life in the same town, work a job I despise, then die. I’m all about doing what you can to live life to the best of your abilities. And for me, that means doing things on the cheap!

I’ve been a serious birder since the day I went on my first Audubon field trip at 12 years old. That day I had the epiphany that you can go on a trip with the sole motive of seeking birds instead of waiting for them to come to your yard. Ever since then, I have been trying to travel wherever I can to see new birds.

Now, I’m living in a remodeled RV (it’s stationary). As you can guess, I’m are all about traveling cheap and getting the most out of an experience. That is what I’m here for; to share my tips and travel stories about birding on a budget.