“The heart of the Mayan world”, or “the land of eternal Spring”. Both of these are used by the people to describe their country. Guatemala sits just south of Mexico and north of the rest of Central America. It is deeply tropical but also has temperate climates and cold mountains. It’s perfect for growing crops like coffee and cacao in the warm but ‘not too hot’ climate of Guatemala. Rich culture, amazing food, breath-taking landscapes, and unique birds put this country on the map for birders and travelers alike!

We spent nearly 2 months exploring the country from the end of January until mid March when the global pandemic of COVID-19 forced us to cut the trip short and race back home. We climbing volcanoes, swam in clear mountain streams, took Spanish lessons, and -of course- saw some spectacular birds!

Our 2020 route when something like this; with the yellow line representing our arrival to Guatemala from Belize, and the red line showing our escape on a bus before the country closed its borders due to the pandemic.

Birding Breakdowns

In these Birding Breakdowns, I list how to get to birding spots, where you eat and stay, and how much it all costs in a condensed way to help you plan your next independent birding adventure!

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Here is a collection of photos to inspire you! Some of my favorites from the 2 months we spent wandering around the heart of the Mayan world!

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